Never Let Me Go

This story is about Clone human who is to end their life as provider. The author of this story, Kazuo Ishiguro received the Novel prize in Literature in 2017. The most famous novel of his should be “The Remains of the Day” for which he received “Booker Prize”. However, I would like to introduce “Never Let Me Go” this time as my another favorite story written by him.

 The story begins with the school life in Dormitory system called Hailsham, where the heroine, Kathy and her friends, Ruth and Tommy, spend a casual time. Towards the end of the story, they gradually awake to themselves and finally they strongly think “WANT TO LIVE (as I hope)”. Through the whole story, their feelings to their identity are expressed very delicately. Their casual lives and behaviors as we do in spite of their prescribed life deeply touches my heart and I realize that whether they are clone or not, life is precious for each of us and I cannot help sheding a tear for the fate loaded on their back irrespective of their will.

 November 2018, gene-editted twin babies was born in China and made a big news. I felt the story of this novel might become reality in the near future.

I recommend this book for anyone who wants to think about the value of life.